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The Wilson Wah takes the classic vintage wah circuit and modifies it to increase the bass response on the input of the circuit. This gives the pedal a thick and fat sound. Another modification allows the growl control to have more of a scratchy throat sound that is quite unique compared to the Q-Wah series.

This wah is fat and spongy sounding right out of the box and can be tuned to cop a variety of other wah tones.

The Wilson Wah comes in two models. The wilson Wah which is a no frills straight up wah. There are no exterior controls on the pedal. This doesn't mean that you can't tune it as inside the Wilson Wah there are three trimmers on the wah board.

The first trimmer located right below the inductor is the sweep trimmer. This allows you to adjust the depth of the sweep. The second trimmer is a growl trimmer. This is used to adjust the bass and gain of the pedal. Thin it out a little bit or get that deep throat sound out of it. The third trimmer is a trimmer for volume. This allows you to set the out put volume of the pedal. Adjust it to unity gain or add a little boost to bring the wah above the mix.

There is also a twelve position model of this wah. The main difference between the exterior controls on this wah and the rest is the Q selector has more subtle settings allowing you to fine tune the pedal when using the Q selector.

There are also exterior sweep controls and exterior growl controls. Great for tuning on the fly and when used in conjunction with the interior volume control the possibilities are endless.

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