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Unique in it's own ways the Ten spot has a couple of unique features that set it apart from other wah pedals. Modeled after the classic black version of the WH-10 the Ten Spot is a filter based circuit capable of adapting to guitar or bass by the flick of a switch. Another unique feature to this pedal is the depth knob. When turned one way you hear nothing but wah and while turning the knob the other way this knob almost seems to blend your dry signal and wah signal together creating some very unique sounds and also making it excellent for using at a half cocked position or also as a wah on EQ. The Black version of the WH-10 has a little different qualities than the grey version. After comparing the Ten Spot to an original WH-10 grey version there was very little difference between the two other than with the original grey version of the pedal has a volume boost with the wah effect as the foot treadle travels.

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