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You may be wondering what "what do you mean vintage spec?" Vintage spec means that the components that we put into these particular pedals are either nos or new old stock components or they are what we like to call work a like or matched replacement parts for the originals. As many of you know nos parts can be quite expensive but we try to buy them in bulk in order for you the customer to receive the benefits with out the outrageous increase in price.

Here is a little about what goes into our vintage spec line of wah pedals.

  • We use only the highest quality carbon composition resistors available today.
  • We use original nos capacitors such as tropical fish capacitors when available. ( at this time we have quite a hefty stock of these available for either style of pedal.)
  • We try to match the exact values of components used in most vintage pedals.
  • We use replica halo inductors as with all of our pedals.
  • Included with this style of pedal we include an ultra bright led on/off indicator.
  • We also use the highest quality parts available today just as we do with all of our other pedals.

Many people believe that the reason vintage pedals sound so smooth and warm is because of the parts that they used to build these pedals with. That's why here at Wilson Effects we've decided to put out a vintage spec line. So whether you believe in the magic of vintage tone or if you just believe that there is no other mojo like vintage mojo at least now you have the option.

The vintage spec Rippah Q-wah comes with all of the great features of the original Rippah Q-Wah plus some added bonuses:

  • Nos tropical fish capacitors
  • High quality carbon composition resistors
  • Red led on/off indicator
  • When available we also use nos transistors
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

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