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The Wilson Effects Q-Wah just like the other wah pedals is modeled after the earlier wah pedals of the late 60's and early 70's (Clyde Mccoy ect..) There is one feature that sets the Q-wah apart from the Standard wah and Adjustable wah. The Q-wah has and external 6 position rotary switch that when move from the factory position changes the q sweep of the pedal. There are 2 added positions that will make the sweep higher (more treble and highs) and there are three positions that will make the sweep deeper( more bass and lows).

The Q-wah also features an external vocal trimmer to help you dial in the range of sweep that is right for you. Also you will have 3 more internal trimpots that make the Q-wah even more versatile. There's the midrange trimpot on the main board that will give you more or less midrange and there is also the gain and bass response trimmer that will increase the bass and gain or lower the bass and gain(both of which are standard on the Adjustable Wah). Also included is the volume trimmer on the output buffer that lets you control the output level of the pedal itself. With all of these added features I'm sure you will be able to dial in just about any wah sound that is on the market today.

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