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The Stoned Grasshopper is a fusion pedal that fuses three very sought after effects in one pedal. The first of the three is a 1970's style Fuzz Face. Made with American NOS Germanium Transistors. Aside from the external fuzz controls you will also find an internal tuning trimmer to tune the fuzz to your liking.

The Second part of the pedal is a high quality boutique overdrive. You could also call this a tube screamer on steroids.

Very nice indeed!

The third part of the pedal is a clean booster. Sparkling and transparent you may never want to turn the boost off!

Here's a little about the different controls on the pedal. With the boost you have one knob that controls the boost level. The overdrive has three separate knobs that control volume, tone and drive. The fuzz has of course a fuzz control, mids and volume. Don't forget about the internal tuner.

Another unique feature of the pedal is that the fuzz can be split up from the overdrive and boost. In normal working order the signal chain is fuzz, overdrive and boost. The added option of two internally patched jacks allows you to place the fuzz or the overdrive and boost at different places in your signal chain simply by inserting a jack into the overdrive input and fuzz output. As always the pedal is also true bypass to avoid any tone sucking.

The Stoned Grasshopper runs on a single 9v battery or a 2.1mm center negative regulated power supply. Each unit is custom made by hand by myself and as always comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.

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