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The Shocktavia is a combination of two fuzz based octave circuits.

The first is the octave up. This is an octave up circuit based on the vintage octave circuit of the Octave Up. There are three control knobs for this side of the pedal, Volume, Intensity and Gain. This side of the pedal is true bypass and also can be switched separately from the octave down side.

The octave down side is based on a vintage fuzz based octave down. Ther are three control knobs on this side of the pedal, Volume, Tone and Blend. There is also a toggle switch for this side of the pedal that allows you to change the octave down from one or two octaves. This side of the pedal can also be switched separately from the octave up side of the pedal.

When combining the two pedals together it is possible to get some very unique sounds and some what seems like an almost endless amount of fuzz octave sustain. When used independently the octave down side of the pedal makes a very goo fuzz/dirt pedal with the blend knob turned all of the way down.

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