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A voltage controlled envelope filter with a wide parameter of sounds and an array of controls that lets you tailor the filter to your particular style and preferences. Not only does it quack like a standard envelope filter, it reacts to your playing style and picking strength.

With an array of controls that enable you to get some of the most obscure sounds and then some a little explanation may be in order.

  • Resonance - This control allows you to dial in how much you would like the filter to resonate. It adds an almost metallic like sound to the filter.
  • Delay - This controls the amount of delay until the actual filter sound is heard. When turned all the way to the left it gets downright crazy.
  • Attack - This controls the time it takes for the filter to affect the signal being passed through it. A very nice compliment to the Range control.
  • Range - This controls the range or depth of the filter.
  • Reverse Filter switch - This option is only useful when the filter is set at certain settings. Usually with the range and attack all the way up you can get some extreme gurgling reverse filter sounds from the pedal.
      Expression pedal input - This enables you to override the range function and control it with an external expression pedal.

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