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The Dual Lotus Drive is like having two D-style pedals at your feet.

As a matter of fact that is exactly what it is. The pedal is meant to emulate the tones of one of the most sought after and expensive amplifiers in modern history but with a much more modest price tag.

You have two channels to choose from each with separate switching and it's own controls. You can use one as a clean boost, or use the other to kick it up a notch. Set it for mild gain and then really kick it in overdrive with the other channel.

Each Channel has a separate controls, here is a description of the controls:

  • Volume - Controls the overall output of the channel.
  • Gain - Controls the amount of gain or drive in the circuit.
  • Tone - controls the mids and highs of the pedal.
  • Presence - will tame the overdrive while darkening the sound or brighten it up and introducing more gain.


  • The pedal runs off of a standard 9v Boss style 2.1mm negative center power supply or an Alkaline Battery.
  • Of course it's true bypass.
  • Each pedal is hand made in the U.S.A and comes with a one year bumper to bumper warranty.

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