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An expansion on one of the most popular Uni-Vibe circuits the Uber Haze takes the Haze and Haze Deluxe to a new level.

Boasting larger rubber knobs on the Rate and Depth controls there are also expression pedal inputs on the rear of the Uber Haze to control either of these knobs.

In addition to the exterior volume control the Uber Haze has an added Tone control that will brighten up the sound for a more modern Uni Vibe tone or darken it up for that Vintage feel from noon to max. From noon to minimum it acts as a blend control sort of bringing the original notes out front and the effect in the back round.

Just like it's sibling the Deluxe Haze the Uber has a foot switchable chorus/vibe switch for on the fly toggling between vibe and chorus modes.

The newest and perhaps coolest feature of the Uber Haze is the new Uber switch. This allows you to toggle back and forth from the classic Uni-Vibe tones to the swirly sounds of a vintage phaser and that's not the end of it! Step on the vibe/chorus switch and launch yourself into the wobbly goodness that is the Uber Haze!

Every Uber Haze is hand made by me personally. I use only the highest quality parts available. As with all Wilson Effects pedals the Uber Haze is True Bypass and powered by either a single 9v battery or a 2.1mm center negative power supply.

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