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The Funk Factory is an extension of the Ten Spot II circuit.

Based around this popular circuit known for it's punchy and funky sound, you not only get the original Ten Spot II sound you also get 4 additional sweeps provided by the external Q switch. The funk Factory comes standard equipped with the following.

  • Depth Knob
  • 3 Position Q Switch
  • Guitar and Bass Switch
  • Internal Fuzz Buffer with Volume Control
  • True Bypass
  • Blue on LED
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Email and Phone Support

With the added Q switch you are able to access 6 additional frequencies beyond the normal guitar and bass settings. The Fuzz buffer with volume control comes into play for those of you who like to play with fuzz after your pedal or if you would just like to tone the boost down a bit. Yes you can control the boost that this circuit is known for.

The Volume control can be mounted on the outside of the pedal. If you would like to take advantage of this option the knob will have to be mounted on the opposite side of the pedal as the other knobs due to space restrictions inside the pedal.

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