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The Tunable Colorful Clone was modeled side by side a vintage Macari wah from England. Not only does the Clone replicate the sound of the original, in true Wilson Effects fashion this wah has been taken to a whole new level. The pedal will come to you stock set at the vintage Macari setting but via the external tuning knobs you can dial in a wide spectrum of really great wah tones.

Here is a little about the different controls on the pedal:

  • Sweep or Depth control - This will allow you to dial in or out the low end of the sweep. If you would like to take advantage of the higher end of the sweep simply dial the knob back a bit to your taste.

  • Mid Range Control - Control the mid-range of the pedal through this. Give your wah tone a harder edge or mellow it out a little.

  • 6 position Q Switch - You have the option to tune the pedals Q range higher 4 settings or you can tune it in a little lower with the 1 lower setting.

  • Bass or Growl - This control is also used to thin out or thicken up the low end of the pedal and really works well in conjunction with the Sweep/Depth control. Turning it towards the heel renders more lows, turning it towards the toe renders more highs.

Inside the pedal there is still more. You have the included fuzz buffer with volume control. This is helpful when tuning the pedal on occasion to decrease the output.

Add all of these features together and you've got yourself one of the most flexible wah pedals available on the market today. Each pedal is hand made personally by me and comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor. They are also assembled from the highest quality parts available.

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