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Introducing the Black Tooth Grin. Based on one of the most infamous overdrives and amplifiers to ever be produced, the Vintage Marshall Bluesbreaker.

In typical Wilson Effects fashion we've taken the circuit to a whole new level and added some modern convienences like the Treble control which allows you to dial in the exact amount of highs you would like in your signal. In addition to that there is also to toggle switches that labeled Modify. These allow you to alter the gain stages of the pedal giving you way more options than the original circuit.

As with all Wilson effects pedals it is true bypass and made with only the finest parts available on the market today. Such as:

  • Switchcraft Enclosed Jacks
  • Burr Brown socketed IC
  • High Quality Metal Film resistors
  • High quality Poly film capacitors
  • Alpha Carbon film pots and toggle switches

Each pedal is meticulously hand made from the circuit board right down to the finished product. The Black Tooth Grin is powered by either a 9v alkaline battery or a Boss style 2.1mm center negative power supply and comes with a full bumper to bumper one year warranty.

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