Williams Audio VTB ToneBender Professional MkII


Williams Audio

From Williams Audio comes the VTB! Based on the Vox Tonebender Professional Mk11 built by Solasound uk. The VTB has the big, thick, dirty fuzz sounds with the sustain, warmth and dynamics only found with germanium fuzz boxes but it is also very reactive to the guitar volume giving a wealth of amazing tones VERY reminiscent of those classic '60's Beck, Page sounds.

The VTB features a matched triplet of carefully selected nos OC75 germanium transistors. All boards are hand-wired in the UK and use wherever possible nos (new old stock) components. As always with the Williams Audio fuzz range, all switches are CLIFF branded (no chinese no-brand switches here!) sockets are top quality Switchcraft / LongJohnny made and Alpha pots. Cases are Hammond or Eddystone handpainted with authentic Grey Hammerite and handlabelled. Knobs are Bulgin style chickenheads.

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