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A later addition to the Tone Bender family, the MK111 is a more modern Tone Bender. Still retaining much of the feel and vibe of previous Tone Bender's, the MK111 has a smoother fuzz with almost a touch of 'overdrive' l at certain settings. Less saturation than the MK11 but still with lots of available fuzz. The MK111 retains all the characteristic's that make any great Germanium fuzz, superb clean-up, lovely sustain and real warmth. The real magic in this Tone Bender is the addition of a Tone pot that has a really great sweep from full, thick and chunky through to sharp and biting. There is lots of interplay between the 3 controls offering almost unlimited amounts useable tones. Adopted later on by Jimmy Page amongst others, this is by far the most flexible of the Tone Bender family.

Modelled from my great sounding original, the Williams MK111 Fuzz is handmade in the UK and remains VERY faithful to the original circuit, no tweaks, led's or dc power adapter. At the heart of the MK111 is 3 carefully matched Germanium transistors, these will usually be a mixture of OC72's and an AC125. All the transistors are nos (new old stock).

Like all Williams pedals the MK111 FUZZ uses the best quality components selected to be as close the original pedal as possible. The Williams MK111 FUZZ also uses the best quality CLIFF branded stomp switch, and the highest quality Pots and sockets. Cases are Hammond or Eddystone made, hand painted with authentic Grey/Silver Hammerite and hand labeled. Knobs are Bulgin style chicken heads.

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