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The Williams Tonebender is a very faithful recreation of the legendary Tonebender MK11 Professional fuzz built in the 1960's by Sola Sound in the UK.The most famous user of the MK11 Tonebender was of course Jimmy Page and this classic fuzz sound can be heard all over early recordings. From the MK11, Sola Sound also made some minor circuit tweaks and produced the Marshall MK11 and the Vox MK11, both of these were picked up on by legends such as Pete Townshend and Jeff Beck and with a bit of digging, you can also get some of these classics tones from the standard MK11.

The Williams Tonebender MK11 Professional is handmade in the UK and remains totally faithful to the original circuit, no tweaks, led's or dc power adapter. At the heart of the MK11 is 3 carefully matched Germanium transistors, these will generally be a mixture of OC75 / OC72's but on request I also offer a very special Mullard OC81 / OC81d model. All the transistors are nos (new old stock) NOT modern copies!

The Williams MK11 Tonebender uses the highest quality Allen Bradley Carbon Comp resistors, either or a combination of ETR/ nos Mullard/ nos Wima Capacitors, and high spec electrolytics.

The Williams MK11 Tonebender uses the best quality CLIFF branded stompswitch, and the highest quality Pots and sockets. Cases are Hammond or Eddystone made, handpainted with authentic Grey / Silver Hammerite and hand labelled. Knobs are Bulgin style chickenheads.

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