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The Williams Supa Fuzz is a very faithful recreation of the legendary Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal. Built by Sola Sound in the 1960's for Marshall Amplification, the Supa Fuzz was one of the most popular incarnations of the Tone Bender and famously used by Pete Townshend amongst many others including Jeff Beck. The Supa Fuzz circuit is very similar to the MK11 circuit, the main variations being found in capacitor values and the use of OC75 transistors. These subtle changes in the circuit produce the 'ballsiest' of the Tone Bender family, the fuzz feels thicker with a touch more lower end. Like the MK11, when the fuzz is fully dialed-in, the tone is saturated with masses of sustain, yet amazingly responsive to the dynamics, chords are big and rich yet still articulate and warm. Single notes sustain until eventually ringing out into dying upper harmonics.

Again, like the standard MK11, bring back the volume on the guitar and the Supa Fuzz takes on a different feel, things start to clean-up, starting from a dynamic crunch superb for rhythm work, through to almost clean with a slight crunch and finally to a shimmering clean sound. All the time, retaining the individual feel of the Supa Fuzz.

The Williams Supa Fuzz is built as close to an original 1960's model as possible. Using my own original as a reference model, parts have been carefully selected to achieve the exact tones of the Supa Fuzz whilst also providing stability and low background noise.

Assembled on a Retro look PCB, exactly like the original, in the Supa Fuzz I use either 3 x nos OC75 germanium transistors, Mullard OC81 or a combination of both depending on the best match in each pedal. Transistors are specially selected for gain, low leakage and low noise. These are then combined with the very best selection of nos (new old stock) capacitors from manufacturers such as Mullard, Wima and Hunts. All resistors are either original 1960's or the very best modern Carbon Composition.

The Williams Supa Fuzz is handmade in the UK and remains totally faithful to the original circuit, no tweaks, led's or dc power adapter.All sockets are Neutrik, all pots are Alpha and I only use the very best Cliff 3pdt stomp switch to ensure reliability and a very long life. Cases are Hammond or Eddystone made, hand painted with authentic Grey/Silver Hammerite and hand labeled. Knobs are Bulgin style chicken heads.

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