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Based on the original Range MasterTreble Booster, this little box was the secret ingredient of many of the 1960's guitarists from the UK. It's sound is heard at its absolute best on early Eric Clapton recordings, most notably the Bluesbreaker album with John Mayall. Through a clean valve amp it almost feels nothing special but push the amp to the edge of breaking-up, just at that sweet spot, and dial in the The Ranger. The Ranger kicks the amp into valve heaven, highlighting the upper mids, giving those Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton tones we love. This is what your valve amp needs!

The Williams Ranger features an original Mullard OC44 and the best capacitor and resistor selection. I also have a small stash of Mullard OC71 transistors, please let me know if you have a preference.

Like all Williams pedals, the Ranger uses the best quality components selected to be as close the original pedal as possible. The Ranger also uses the best quality CLIFF branded stompswitch, and the highest quality Pots and sockets. Cases are Hammond or Eddystone made, hand painted with authentic Grey/Silver Hammerite and hand labeled. Knobs are Bulgin style chicken heads.

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