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The Spellbinder pedal provides a wide range of classic sounds running from the rich soft symmetrical distortion found in a “Tube Screamer*” to the dynamically limited hard distortion of a “Rat*” or “Fuzz” using the Drive control but the Spellbinder does not stop there. The Warp Drive™ control opens up a fresh range of distortion by taking the distortion asymmetrical, adding dynamic range and major Overdrive capability. The interaction of the controls provide a rich range of harmonics and tonal qualities we believe to be unmatched by any other pedal. True Bypass and a Level out control ensure the Spellbinder plays well when mixed with other pedals.

The Wicked Tools Spellbinder is a pure analog effect inspired by some of the most popular overdrive distortion pedals ever made. While preserving the original sound, the Spellbinder also incorporates some of the best boutique modifications right out of the box. In the overdrive distortion class, this is one of the most versatile and sweetest pedals made to date.

Designed and hand crafted in the USA, using solid Oak, steel, and high quality components, each Spellbinder is made to exacting standards without sacrificing the individual uniqueness of each Spellbinder's appearance.

The Spellbinder with its Etched Steel shell, solid Oak side panels and robust serviceable electronics not only sounds and looks good but is professional grade equipment designed to survive on the road, gig after gig.

The Spellbinder controls include Drive for symmetrical distortion, Warp Drive for asymmetrical distortion, Tone for frequency response, and a Level control for separate Overdrive level control. The Spellbinder includes True Bypass, and operates from a 9 Volt battery or an AC adaptor (included FREE for a limited time).

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