Wiard GR-361 Mixolator



The "Super VCA" developed for the Wiard, the Mixolator, is a switchable two or four quadrant multiplier. Four quadrant multiplication is also called "balanced modulation" or "ring modulation".

This module contains two identical units. It begins with a high quality DC coupled dual input VCA with individual volume controls (labeled X1 and X2). A "Y" input and output are included so that any combination of mixing, panning, crossfading, gain control, phase inversion and ring modulation are possible. The voltage control curve of each VCA is smoothly pannable from linear to logarithmic response. The output of the each VCA is displayed on a four LED VU meter.

The Mixolator module contains:

  • Two Multi-function circuits that provide VCA, crossfade, seque and balanced modulator functions
  • A jack multiple

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