Wiard GR-1210 Noise Ring


  • Rate
  • Chance
  • Ext Rate
  • Change


  • Ext Rate
  • Chance Input
  • Ext Chance
  • Ext Change
  • Clock Out
  • Noise Out
  • Aux Output
  • Output



"#1 with a Rail Gun!" - Rudolf the Rucker

"I always wondered what Mome Raths sound like when they outgrabe. Now I know. Thank you!" - Carol Lewis

"It sounds like it's decoding something ancient. Like if the Incas had modems" - D. I.

"I don't know what it is, I don't know what it does. But I stayed up for two nights just watching the lights" - B. H.

"My wife's cat hates it! Enclosed is a check for another one..." - N. H.

This module is designed to work with Blacet modules and features a 10 volt range. It mounts in the same rack as Blacet modules, and ships with a power connector for the Blacet PS500 supply. The faceplate is thicker than the Blacet series. Module is currently in production.

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1210A 1210B 1210 A B gate s-trigger trigger voltage-controlled module modular ringmod ring modulation ring modulator pitch/octave octaver frequency modulation modulate time-based lfo modules by brand noise hiss sound source
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