Whirlwind Commander 2




For those that need to switch between instruments and want the ability to employ a programmable boost for fills and solos, Whirlwind introduces the Commander 2, a two-channel instrument switcher, booster, feedback eliminator and tuner with built-in DI.

Each channel features an input gain control for compensating for different pickup types and balancing the level between instruments. Then easily switch between instruments with a touch of the A/B footswitch.

Each channel also features a programmable boost. Set the amount of boost for each instrument and then switch between your rhythm and lead volumes and back again with the BOOST footswitch.

The unit also features a built-in chromatic tuner with a fast, bright, easy to read display. A tuner button activates the tuner and mutes the outputs for silent tuning.

A built-in polarity reverse switch is included along with a sweepable notch filter to subdue feedback without affecting your tone.

A 1/4" output jack and a built-in transformer isolated DI out with XLR jack are provided to feed an onstage monitor, mixer and/or house PA. A ground lift switch is also provided for breaking the ground connection to the DI output to help eliminate ground loop hum and buzz.

An effects loop is provided for inserting outboard EQ or effects and the SEND jack can be used by itself to provide a third output.

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