Wells Amp NYC 8 Ball


  • Texture
    controls the amount of octave-up in the fuzz
  • Blend
    controls the amount of fuzz



Matt Wells the Amp guru to the stars in NYC has finally released his 2nd pedal creation. Well NYC has again decided to re-create one of the harder pedals to build or clone and make it better. Based on the elusive Ampeg Scrambler pedal Wells NYC has created a pedal that clones that sound but with a tinge more clarity and also more modern attributes. This pedal is about 1/2 the size and about 1/3 the price of a Ampeg Scrambler. It also is true bypass with LED and has a 9 DC V input jack for battery saving. It is manufactured in the heart of lower manhatten NYC by Matt Wells and his magic elves. If you have been search for that Scrambled sound look no further. The 8 Ball will give your distorted sound a modulated twisted grinding sound. This sound is very subtle but it does change and alter your sound to something truly unique !

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