Weehbo Taptremolus - Analog Tap Tempo Tremolo



The TAPTREMOLUS is an analog tremolo with TAP TEMPO control. The warm sound is produced by an optoisolator like vintage tube amplifiers.

The signal path of the TAPTREMOLUS is complete analog, a microchip controls TAP TEMPO, MODE and LFO (low frequency oscillator). You can chose between six different waveforms, from sine to square and even to random waveforms. The tempo can be adjusted from about 10ms up to 40s by the TEMPO- and MODE-knobs, the MODE-knob works as a multiplier.

Use the NEXT-switches to toggle the waveform/mode, you can even throw these switches with your foot.

  • WAVE: rotary switch, controls the waveform, is interactive with NEXT-switch (right)
  • TEMPO: controls the basic tempo (10ms - 40s), is interactive with MODE-knob and TAP TEMPO
  • DEPTH: controls the dry-wet mix
  • MODE: rotary switch, works as a multiplier, is interactive with TEMPO-knob, TAP TEMPO and NEXT-switch (left)
  • TAP TEMPO: sets the overall tempo, measures the time between two taps, is interactive with TEMPO- and MODE-knobs

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