Weehbo Dumbledore - Sweet Overdrive & Mid Booster



The DUMBLEDORE is a highly transparent low to medium gain overdrive.

You can get a wide range of different sounds only by your playing technique and because of its transparency it keeps the character of your instruments alive. The DUMBLEDORE can be used as a medium gain overdrive or even as a clean boost, it always sounds very natural and sweet.

With the 2-band equalizer (BASS and TREBLE), it’s not only possible to form the tone, in combination with the VOICING-switch you can vary the amount and character of the distortion.

The mid booster makes the DUMBLEDORE the ultimate solo overdrive. You can control the amount of mids and the overall volume with the MIDS- and BOOST-knobs.

  • DRIVE: controls the amount of distortion, low to medium gain
  • BASS, TREBLE: 2-band equalizer for low and high frequencies
  • LEVEL: controls the overall volume
  • MIDS: takes effect on the mid response of the booster
  • BOOST: controls the booster’s volume
  • VOICING: sets the amount and character of distortion: soft clipping (left), none (center), hard clipping (right)
  • DYNAMIC: internal supply voltage: 9V (left), 18V (right)
  • MID BOOSTER: activates the mid booster

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