Way Huge Piercing Moose Octifuzz


  • Volume
    controls the output volume
  • Tone
    controls the tone (Bass/Treble EQ?)
  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz


Way Huge

If you are searching for a octave-fuzz that is thick and juicy the Piercing Moose is for you. Guitar Player Magazine (Sept. '96) says, "The Moose does an impressive imitation of the Foxx Tone Machine, a perennial favorite...The octave effect is extraordinary, one of the clearest and most consistent we've heard...The non-octave fuzz tone is huge and grunting with a lively resonant hum..." We use the same transistors as the original Tone Machine, but as a bonus we did a few modifications that make the Piercing Moose even better than its illustrious forefather. For example, we eradicated the pesky AM radio frequencies that the original would pick up and we added a foot switch to allow for greater control over the units two types of fuzz. Units have octave foot switch, level, tone and fuzz controls.

Where to find one?

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