Way Huge WHE403 Havalina - Germanium Fuzz



Way Huge

Way Huge® Havalina™ Germanium Fuzz

The Havalina™ Germanium Fuzz from Way Huge® Electronics is a germanium-powered fuzz box inspired by a vintage 3-transitor design was a psychedelic shot-heard-round-the-world for guitar players, ushering in the new sound of rock. Designed around hand-selected Russian germanium transistors and a passive tone circuit, this peccary of a pedal can go from a soft, mellow crunch for meaty chords to a maelstrom of sonic fur that will make every note feel like a summer of love. Prepare to have your mind bent when you ride the Havalina!

  • Based on a ’60s UK germanium fuzz circuit
  • Simple three-knob layout
  • Features hand-selected Russian germanium transistors and a passive tone circuit
  • Go from soft, mellow crunch to gnarly sonic fur

MSRP: $171.41



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