Way Huge WHE301 Fat Sandwich - Harmonic Saturator Distortion



Jim Dunlop

Way Huge Electronics: bringing a new age of sweltering saturation to the people... The Fat Sandwich is versatile and over-the-top. The consummate distortion pedal for any genre or playing style.

Designed to be used with an amp set clean, the Fat Sandwich delivers heaps of crunchy distortion goodness via its innovative multi-stage clipping circuit. Meticulously designed from the ground up, the passive TONE stack was tuned to bring out the “sweet spot” with any guitar and amp combination.

The VOLUME control produces tons of output, while the DRIVE knob goes from mild crunch to full tilt saturation. Additionally, the Fat Sandwich has three internal mini controls for fine-tuning the pedal to your guitar rig.

Internal controls: these controls are for fine-tuning to your guitar and amp rig:

  • Curve - for fine-tuning corner frequencies of the 1st stage of distortion
  • Drive – adjusts the gain of the 2nd stage of distortion
  • Highs - tweaks the high end on the 2nd stage of distortion

Top controls:

  • VOLUME - produces tons of output for more headroom
  • TONE – adjusts the tonal mixture in tandem with the Pres & Reso controls
  • DISTORTION – delivers heaps of crunchy distortion goodness
  • PRESENCE – varies the high frequency response
  • RESONANCE – manipulates the lo frequencies
  • FOOTSWITCH – toggles the effect on/bypass (blue LED indicates effect is ON)




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