Way Huge WHE209 Camel Toe MkII - Triple Overdrive


Way Huge devotees rejoice! The legendary Camel Toe Triple Overdrive is back to expectorate its wonderfully wild gritty tones all over your guitar signal. The Mark II herds the Green Rhino Overdrive and the Red Llama Overdrive together into a single rowdy stable of a stompbox. The Green Rhino section has all the controls of its Mark IV iteration, while the Red Llama section gets an all-new Hi-Cut control to go with Volume and Drive. Use the Drive Selector footswitch to toggle between the two circuits, or flip the Series switch for a whole ’nother sound: the Green Rhino OD and the Red Llama OD combined in series. In Series mode, the Drive Selector Switch toggles the Red Llama ID on/off while the Green Rhino OD is always active. The Camel Toe Triple Overdrive MkII is an untamed beast! Handle with caution.


  • Combines Green Rhino™ Overdrive and the Red Llama™ Overdrive
  • Toggle between them or run them in series
  • Red Llama section features all-new Hi-Cut control


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