Way Huge WHE206 Red Llama 25th Anniversary


Way Huge by Dunlop

Way Huge Electronics Red Llama 25th Anniversary

The Red Llama is one of those classic circuits that simply makes everything after it better. It features an immense range of gain, and its aficionados use it for everything from light, "enhanced" clean tone to amp-melting gain. A simple twist of the Drive knob does the trick, no matter what kind of music you play.

The 25th anniversary version contains a Hi-Cut knob to tame any gnarly treble frequencies that might occur as a result of too much Drive or the inherent brightness of your pickups. This simple addition opens up the possibilities of the Llama tenfold.

One of the biggest pluses of the Red Llama is its unparalleled ability to push an amp into the red zone. No matter where you fancy your Drive knob set, there's enough output volume to put your amp into a full nelson, pushing it into sweet, sweet breakup. There's no two ways about it: the Llama kicks ass.

To celebrate the 25th year of the Red Llama, Way Huge has released a scant 1,000 pieces of this brushed aluminum Red Llama. Once they're gone, they won't be available again. 

Way Huge Electronics Red Llama 25th Anniversary features:

  • Limited to 1000 pieces
  • New Hi-Cut knob only available on the 25th anniversary version
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Way Huge (Dunlop website)

In 1992, the groundbreaking ungulate thunder of the Red Llama Overdrive was unleashed upon the world. We’re celebrating this beastie’s first appearance in the sonic record with a special 25th Anniversary edition, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. It comes in a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly housing with a Hi-Cut control added to the austere control panel so you can season any amp, big or small, clean or dirty, to your taste. The Red Llama Overdrive provides a rich harmonic palette and a wide range of dirty tones, from a gentle grind all the way up to massive distortion. Put this pedal at the front of the herd.

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