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Behold: Way Huge has taken everything you love about the Saucy Box and just added... more. The Saucy Box HC (Hard Clip) restructures the gain stages of the original Saucy Box and juices them exponentially. Now, the light to medium gain overdrive you've come to love from the original is back and extra mean: welcome to your new favorite drive pedal.

Would you believe that controls for Volume, Tone and Drive hold a multitude of drive sounds that can replace several pedals? We didn't, but we do now. The Drive knob is truly wonderful; the signal path is split into two separate discrete paths: clean and dirty. These two pathways are expertly mixed in order to provide a optimal drive experience. And the Saucy Box HC is very touch sensitive, but not overtly so. Experts and novices alike will appreciate the balance. The new HC model adds plenty of bottom end and bite.

Already have a lot of drives? No problem; the Saucy Box HC functions as a buffer with the drive all the way down, and a sparkling, crystal-clear boost with just a little juice.  At about halfway up, players get a nice, gritty lead tone, and fully counterclockwise, a gain monster lurks beneath.

The tone circuit of the Saucy Box HC is particularly of note. It's passive which allows the pedal to quickly adapt to literally any guitar and pickup combination you throw at it—there's no fussing. A simple twist of the knob will help you dial the right tone in seconds instead of having to fiddle with your guitar's tone controls. This leaves you time to explore the depths of the Drive knob, and how it and your guitar's controls interact.

From buffer and boost to transparent and over-the-top, meaty overdrive, the Saucy Box HC can replace a box full of pedals for the cost of less than one of them. Get clipped. Hard.


  • Super-enhanced gain range for bottom heavy crunch
  • Unique signal-path splitting via the Gain knob.
  • Relay-based true bypass
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation

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