WAT Barba Diablo



WAT (Wax And Tape)

The Barba Diablo is a two-in-one effect with each circuit separately controlled by its own high-quality 3PDT true-bypass switch. The first circuit is a fresh take on the classic fuzz which utilizes the gain and volume controls. The second circuit is the WAT Boost, a high-quality MOSFET amplifier that produces very clear boost/overdrive, and is controlled by the drive knob.

The "Bearded Devil" will provide mayhem to your distortion palate, and might just replace them all. By adding the WAT Boost circuit to the back half of a silicon fuzz circuit, the Barba Diablo delivers a punch that is unrivaled. It also has a high level of adaptability and range which allows a myriad of distortion types. Placing this unit at the front of the signal chain will maximize the tone coming from the guitar as well as any effect after it.


  • Fuzz:
    • Gain: controls the amount of fuzz/distortion.
    • Volume: controls the output volume of the fuzz circuit.
  • Boost:
    • Drive-controls the level of boost.
  • Together: All three controls can be adjusted to produce tones that vary from smooth tone colorations to vintage fuzz to heavy distortions.
  • 100% Handmade
  • Matched pair of BC-109 + High quality MOSFET Transistors
  • Hi Quality, Hi Tolerance Components

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