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It's finally here. The Gravity Boost™ is a true-to-the-original, blues breaker pedal clone. Reverse engineered from a coveted vintage Marshall® pedal from the early 90's, this clone authentically recreates that smooth bluesy tone that the original is famous for. Highly touch-sensitive, the Gravity Boost blues breaker clone is as subtle, or dramatic, as you are.

A fantastic boost as well as overdrive, the Gravity Boost blues breaker clone fattens up and colors your sound unlike any other pedal. Perhaps this is why the original pedal is so sought after, and is on the boards of some of the biggest tone fanatics in the music industry, John Mayer being one of the most well-known users of the original blues breaker pedal.


  • Warm, mellow, low-to-medium gain structure
  • Great dynamic response
  • Optional tone-mod (see FAQ)
  • 9V or DC power operation
  • Powder coated for great durability
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18" casing (1590BB size)

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