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The new Triple Recstortion high gain distortion pedal... designed to get that massively thick distortion through a clean amp!

The Triple Recstortion was a limited run... there were only 100 pedals built.

BUT!!! We've brought the circuit back and added the ability to get AMAZING Gilmour type "Big Muff" fuzz tones!

It's here!!! The Triple Wreck Distortion.

After hundreds of emails BEGGING us to bring it back... we responded! The new Triple Wreck Distortion... same high gain distortion as the Limited Edition Triple Recstortion but we've added MORE flexibility... A boost switch that changes it from the triple recstortion to more of a 'big muff pi' type tone - think david gilmour tones. With this switch turned on, it have a knob that pans between creamy fuzz to crunchy distortion.




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