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The Cranked is strictly limited edition overdrive – this is your chance to own a piece of history, with a twist.

Every since Wampler Pedals discontinued the original version “Cranked AC” we have been having several customer requests for a re-release of that pedal. While the original sounded pretty good – Brian knew that he could make it sound great! So after some tinkering on the breadboard, we are proud to announce the CrankedOD. A pedal truly worthy of its name!

The Cranked OD is where the long journey to the Thirty Something began. It was the original pedal that paid tribute to those famous British amps that are running wide open. Whether at bedroom volume or full on stage rock stardom – you can achieve truly cranked up tones at any time. With a more responsive gain stack and amazing new EQ section, this pedal now stands up not only as a great reminder of those amps but as an overdrive in its own right, it has its own tone and tones of personality.

After revisiting the original unit, there just had to be some updates. Starting with an active 3 band EQ. Now you can dial in or take out as much of each frequency as you want; total tonal control! The Cranked OD also features our true by-pass relay switch. We use a true-bypass relay because it utilizes a quieter and smoother switch that is more reliable than traditional bypass switches. Your original tone/signal will remain unaffected when the pedal is not engaged.

We will only be producing this run Cranked ODs for a limited time only, they are released on Friday 28th November (Black Friday) 2014 – so get one while you can!

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