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Walrus Audio (December 7, 2011)

Since the inception of Walrus Audio, we've had many friends and studio musicians ask about an intuitive, easy-to-use compressor with a versatile blend control enabling dry signal to be mixed with the compressed signal, but without the noise and distortion that is standard with most compressors on the market.

After using it in recent gigs, I realize how valuable it is to have a pedal that keeps the signal consistent no matter what the velocity of my strumming is. The attack and sustain controls are highly versatile while the blend control enables you to dial in the exact amount of dry signal that you desire. The Deep Six takes away the irregular and harsh attack tones that get splattered in chords. When performing solo guitar licks, I can't even explain how much more of a warm and consistent punch I get from my setup. The Deep Six accentuates and evenly sustains each note that is picked.

In the initial design phase, we also set out to create a compressor that lessened the distortion when used with high gain humbucker pickups and cleaned up the noise in the circuit... Well, we did it!

We are in the final stages of design revision and should have it available in the next few weeks!

Personally, I've never been able to find a compressor pedal that meets my need without compromising the sonic quality of my setup... but after using the Deep Six, I realize how much of a game-changer compression can be. I can't wait for our fans to get this on their pedal boards.

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