Wallace Amplification Fuzz Ace


Brian Wallace

The pedal was a take on the Fuzz Face of course, but it was tweaked to obtain a better tone IMO.

This pedal was made around 1991/1992 from what I can remember. It hasn't been in production since the 90's, I have considered making this pedal again as well as another I have designed.

The number of pedals is hard to tell, maybe 200, maybe 300. They were mostly sold to Japan.

Update from Brian on 4/4/2009

The first batch will be using the same circuit boards as the originals, they are left overs, and the same transistors, I found a batch of the originals for this.

The box is the same and the art work was done by the original artist as well. The only difference is that the box is now a smooth black finish and the yellow is not as bright as the original.

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