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The “Aqua Fuzz” overdrive / distortion effects pedal for guitar is made with hand selected silicon bits that provide stable tone. A cross between an overdrive distortion pedal and a true fuzz pedal with smooth sound. The sound is not over processed, you can still hear chord changes and sound changes with playing dynamics. Adjusting the guitar volume can change the effect from smooth overdrive of single notes and power chords to just a bit of fuzz on full chords.

This handmade fuzz pedal has input on the right which also switches power on or off to the pedal. Nine volt battery power only, as the current draw is only half a milliamp! My Boss DS-1 draws about 7 ma. The Aqua Fuzz pedal interacts with your playing dynamics to add expression, rather than drain expression as many guitar effects pedals can do.

Controls are gain and volume. It is wired with true bypass and a grounded input. This does not allow for an LED indicator, but results in the cleanest signal possible when the fuzz pedal is bypassed.

This guitar pedal is handmade with pride. Hand soldered, so you can count on every connection. Each circuit is first built by hand on a prototype board. It is then tested with a guitar and tube amps to ensure that the sound is just right. When its right, I want to jam on it for a while (yeah, it slows assembly a bit, but it is fun!). If the sound isn’t just right, parts are swapped and biases adjusted until it sounds just right. Only then is it soldered up and the pedal assembled. This is truly a handmade boutique quality fuzz pedal. No formula, parts are matched by ear. Because of the sorting and matching needed to get the great fuzz sound, it is not a fuzz pedal that you will find commercially manufactured. It can only be handmade.

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