Waldorf X-Pole Filter


  • Standby
    key for power switching
  • Trigger
    generates a manual trigger signal
  • Scroll Up
    raises the program number.
  • Scroll Down
    lowers the program number.
  • Compare
  • Store
  • Shift
    activates alternate functions for pots and keys
  • 6 rotary pots
    function depending on program
  • Mode Key
    selects the parameter level
      Modeknob 1knob 2knob 3knob 4knob 5knob 6
      1ACM SourceACM GainIN 1/2 TriggerIN 1/2 AttenuatorIN 1/2 GainIN 1/2 Channel Link
      2LFO 1/2 SpeedLFO 1/2 DelayLFO 1/2 ShapeMOD 1/2 SourceMOD 1/2 AmountMOD 1/2 Destination
      3ModeMIDI ChannelVCF ENV 1/2 AttackVCF ENV 1/2 DecayVCF ENV 1/2 SustainVCF ENV 1/2 Release
      4VCA 1/2 Vol Mod SourceVCA 1/2 AmountVCA ENV 1/2 AttackVCA ENV 1/2 DecayVCA ENV 1/2 SustainVCA ENV 1/2 Release
      5VCA 1/2 VolumeVCA 1/2 PanningVCA 1/2 Envelope SensitivityVCA 1/2 Velocity SensitivityVCA 1/2 Pan Mod SourceVCA 1/2 Amount
      6VCF 1/2 CutoffVCF 1/2 ResonanceVCF 1/2 Envelope SensitivityVCF 1/2 SlopeVCF 1/2 Cut Mod SourceVCF 1/2 Amount

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envelope-controlled envelope follower amplitude controlled low frequency oscillator lfo-controlled midi-controlled midi controllable over midi by midi rackmountable rackmount filter eq/excite/filter lowpass lopass lo-pass lp lpf low-pass filter
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