Waldorf AFB16 Analog Filter Bank


  • 12/24dB
    selects 12dB or 24dB filters
  • Bypass
    selects the clean or effected signal
  • Volume
    controls the volume
  • Cutoff
    controls the filter's cutoff frequency
  • Cutoff Mode (Smooth/Env)
  • Cutoff Rise
  • Cutoff Fall
  • Cutoff Mod
  • Resonance
    controls the filter resonance
  • Resonance Mode (Smooth/Env)
  • Resonance Rise
  • Resonance Fall
  • Resonance Mod
  • Drive



The AFB16 Analog Filter Bank is the world's first "analog plug-in", and is a totally unique innovation from Waldorf-Music AG.

Combining the sound superiority of Waldorf analog technology with the flexibility of a digital musical computer system, the Waldorf AFB16 can be seamlessly integrated into the computer-based production environment of the modern studio.

Over the last few years, the computer has established a dominant position as the central element of music production and virtually every music studio in the world is now based around a computer.

However, many users still seek the warmth and inimitable sound character of analog components for their otherwise all-digital production environments - this is where the Waldorf AFB16 Analog Filter Bank provides the ultimate solution:

The AFB16 places 16 high-quality analog filters (featuring self oscillation and analog overdrive) directly into a digital audio workstation's signal path using the widely available USB 2.0 interface. This enables real-time analog processing of audio signals or the use as a filter component to change the sound color for virtual instruments.

After connecting the AFB16 to the computer using a standard USB cable, the AFB16 automatically integrates itself into the digital production environment and 16 real analog filters will be available inside all compatible host systems. Full dynamic control of the filters is achieved inside the host system and plug-ins like the ROT Analog Filter Step Sequencer, the PPG Red or the brand new Messing.

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