Waldorf MiniWorks 4-Pole


  • Gain
  • Trigger Level
  • Manual Trigger
  • Store
    lets you save an edited program for later use.
  • Compare
    lets you compare the edited program parameters to its original parameters. This feature comes in handy in a number of situations, for instance when you are not sure which version you prefer for a particular song.
  • Program Up
  • Program Down
  • Dump
  • Mode
      Modeknob 1knob 2knob 3knob 4
      1VCF AttackVCF DecayVCF SustainVCF Release
      2VCA AttackVCA DecayVCA SustainVCA Release
      3VCF Env CutoffVCA Env VolumeLFO Speed/ShapeSpeed Mod/Src
      4Cutoff Mod/SrcReso Mod/SrcVolume Mod/SrcPan Mod/Src
      6Gate TimeSource/TriggerMIDI Control/NoteMIDI Channel/Device ID

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