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It is not for nothing that Brian May's legendary self-made guitar is known as the "Red Special". Its unusual combination of semi-solid body and series connected pickups produce unique resonant characteristics that are both acoustical and electrical in nature, and which are at the very core of Brian's distinctive sound. In fact, we found this guitar to be so special that we decided it warranted making a special version of the V-Stack - the V-Stack BHM.

In contrast to the V-Stack Classic model which is optimized for versatility, the BHM model is optimized to provide the most faithful reproduction of the Brian May sound when used in conjunction with a Red Special type guitar. If you are a Red Special replica owner/Brian May fan, this pedal was designed with you in mind!

Technical Features

Based on the same proprietary custom microchip as the Classic edition, the V-Stack BHM edition has a specially modified input stage which presents the same electrical loading characteristics to the Tri-Sonic pickups as a Brian May spec. treble booster, while the amp simulator stage is modeled after a Brian May spec. Vox AC30 normal channel.

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