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At Last, a real MkI Tonebender in a pedalboard-friendly format. Perfect in or out of a pedalboard, the Tonebender MkI PF's slightly smaller enclosure houses a circuit layout and component choice that are true to the original. In addition, the MkI PF has a low-current LED status indicator and a 9V power input.

The MkI circuit is notoriously difficult to tune properly, but this unit has been voiced for a smooth sustain with zero 'gating'. The three Germanium transistors have been specially selected for superb sound and low noise, and are carefully matched into sets of three during production.

All our pedals are built to the very highest standards, and are hand-assembled in the UK.


  • True bypass switching.
  • Carbon comp resistors.
  • Specially selected Ge Transistors.
  • Rugged folded-steel enclosure.
  • Bakelite circuit board.
  • Low-current LED indicator and 9V power input.
  • Includes satin bag with embroidered VPW logo.
  • 100% hand-wired in England.

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