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Vintage Pedal Workshop

We are pleased to announce the latest creation from the Vintage Pedal Workshop - the VPW Exel Shatterbox.

This new pedal is modelled on an extremely rare and desirable Barnes & Mullins Shatterbox fuzz pedal originally produced in England in the 1970's.

The VPW Exel Shatterbox is a basic fuzz pedal that works as a gain boost and uses silicone transistors as opposed to Germanium producing a more controllable smoother fuzz that many players prefer.

The original dual Shatterbox produced by John Hornby Skewes & Co was a much harsher sounding pedal with many players and tone freaks prefering the later B&M version.

VPW Exel Shatterbox details:

  • Transistors: specially selected NPN Silicon
  • Front panel: Engraved Traffolite
  • Pots: 1x Carbon, 1x Wirewound
  • Case: cast alloy
  • Price: £159.00 GBP

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