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Vintage Pedal Workshop

The VPW "Fuzz Sound" Faithfully reproduces the sound of the famous Germanium Three-Knob Tonebender unit originally made by Sola-Sound.

The 'Three-Knob' unit was notable for the addition of a tone control, which allowed the user to adjust the voicing to suit personal taste, and posessed a 'vocal' quality not found in any other type of fuzz.

Designed as a result of a special request, this unit is housed in a rugged custom-designed folded steel enclosure, and is 100% hand-made in England. Note that the maximum output level has been increased slightly, since the original's low output has sometimes been a cause for criticism.


  • True bypass switching.
  • Carbon comp resistors.
  • Specially selected AC128 Transistors.
  • Rugged folded-steel enclosure.
  • Includes denim bag with embroidered VPW logo.
  • 100% hand-wired in England

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