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Ryan Kirkland of Skinpimp about the prototype

Up for sale is one of the rarest pedals I have ever seen, one of the very first prototype Vox Wah-Wahs. I don't think that it is any secret that this pedal sparked history... Developed in 1966 at the Thomas Organ Co. in sunny CA, and engineered by the famous Brad Plunket with the assistance of Del Casher. This is the wah pedal in its purest form as designed for the electric guitar. The "Clyde McCoy" model that would soon follow was re-tooled for Vox's new line of electric horns they were marketing, as they were sure that the Big Band era was making a swift comeback. From that point on the wah pedals design remained the same, and the sweep, as Del Casher put it has never been quite right since. The early pre "Clyde McCoy"(Grey) wahs can be seen on guitar greats rigs such as Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix.

This pedal has been confirmed an original prototype. It is built into a Vox Volume pedal casing, and is in its original form down to its rubber feet. The only repair done was to solder the inductor back in place.

This Pedal has been CONFIRMED as the real deal from Del Casher himself, via email, and personal conversations with him. There are some hazy answers about whose hands were actually in it. So just to be clear this is not an English made VOX wah pedal. It was built at Thomas Organ Company with U.S components, If Brad Plunket actually built this particular one, we will never know. It is a RARE Bird, without much readily available information. So Del Casher was Contacted, as he was involved in the release, and quite possibly the development of the pedal.

Please TAKE THE TIME to watch the video and simply look at Del's wah. It is the only one I have seen pictured that is identical to this one.

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