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VL Effects

Bullitt Od-oNe Red-Tone

This model is the reissue of the first VL-Effects Bullit Overdrive product from 1985, California. The Bullitt Overdrive included the genuine BL-Effects Atk-Ton functionality like other products (Bullitt Fuzz, Bullitt Booster, etc.) The Atk-Ton functionality increases gain, bandwidth and crunch tone (Fat Tone).

  • Gain Control - It's an overdrive and distortion pedal. The level of gain increases distortion.
  • ATK-TON Control - Turn to the left for Increased gain and overdrive bandwidth. Turn to the right and get a clear and compressed mode.
  • PRESENCE Control - Very important setup to modify tone and level of overdrive/distortion. Must be set up with ATK-Ton and Gain.
  • LEVEL or Volume Control - Output level and tone setup.
  • MiniSwitch Mode "^" - This mode is the "FAT Muscle Tone". It's a heavy level and Fat distorion setup who bring maximum of  medium and bass tone. If you want more clear tone setup move "Presence" to the right.
  • MiniSwitch Mode "-" - This mode is the "TS808" Tone. It's the regular level and cream distortion of TS808 family of pedals.

1 Year Warranty but support for life!

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