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The "Bullitt" is a version of favorite single Germanium Transistor Treble Booster but completly different because include the Atk-Ton VLeffects technology who bring new sound and possibility of High Natural Tone!

The Treble Booster, Dallas RangeMaster, used by an array of players from Eric Clapton, David Gilmore to Tony Iommi, Brian May.

The Bullitt covers tone like the traditional Treble Booster to give you classic tones from the 60's and 70's.It must be used with a cranked tube amp that is overdriven a bit already. The more the amp and pedal are cranked, the more the creamy, beautiful, sustaining distortion there will be.

The Germanium Transistor is selected from our Vintage Mullards stock: CV7005, OC200/1, OC45, OC71, OC75, OC76, etc... Several parameters like gain, leakage, tone, etc , are tested on each pedal in order to have the best great sounding Bullitt!

For best sounds we set up Bias without used trim but carbon resistors or Metal Film Resistors who are matched and tested for each Transistor.

Atk-Ton developed by Vincent Loret VLeffects for Bullitt Booster series allows:

  • Atk-Ton access by a Trim coupled with the Trim Gain Booster.
  • Adjust tone from high narrow treble sound to Fat
  • Increase sensation of true tone
  • On Fat mode you can satured your tubes' of your Amps - use for that clear channel

Bullitt specifications:

  • 9 volt DC jack or Battery operation.
  • Internal power adapator - turns 9volts into negative power for PNP Germanium transistor.
  • Vintage Germanium transistor treble booster design - OC44 CV7003
  • Vintage Tad Capacitor Reissue Mustard
  • Germanium Transistor Temperature stabilisation system
  • ATK-TON trim system - a VL-Effects system !
  • Vintage cabling
  • 3 Year Warranty

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