Viva Analog


    Viva Analog is run by Jean-Charles Maillet on the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada.

    Timeline (by Jean-Charles Maillet)

    • Fall 1978, built my first "Anderton" projects
    • Summer 1995, built my first Acoustic 360 clone in pedal format "The Earthquaker" by request of a Japanese gear collector
    • Fall 1995, built the first ever Univibe clone housed in a Wah shell for Keith Scott of Bryan Adam's band
    • Winter 1995, discovered the dual-polynamial approach for modeling input/output transfer functions for modeling Triodes accurately in Spice ... ran first Spice simulations to see how two Triode gain stages drove and loaded each other in response to their mutually non-linear interactions to see the result in the form of a specifically deformed sine-wave, providing a glimpse into the essence of tube sound
    • Spring 1996, officially registered my company ... started my web-page highlighting my discoveries and inventions
    • February 1998, published "Algebraic Technique for Modeling Triodes" in Glass Audio...
    • Spring 1998, I released a collection of my original pedal mods and audio resources called "Rainbow of Sound"... per the request of a group of American producers who wanted condensed internet info along with a number of mods to vintage circuit I had come up with // the contents of this book soon thereafter became the basis of another person's website after sending out a complimentary copy
    • 2001, I published the revised edition of "Inside Fender and Marshall Tube Amps" (old privately).
    • Fall 2008, started my own private DIY forum in support of my kits and tube amp book // mainly to discuss custom effects building, amp mods and repairs, and personal audio circuit design principles...
    • 2011, published "CMOS circuit latches relays" article in EDN magazine detailing a novel approach to triggering latching-relays using commonly available IC's.
    • Spring 2012, releasing a slough of original Pro-grade DIY effect pedal kits... with some very off-path stuff seeing light of day.

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