Vitoos VP1 DC-10X Power Supply




Function and Features:

  • “LED indicating the short-circuited pedals” is the WORLD FIRST unique design. Special circuit of Short Circuit Protection is realized by Vitoos. LED indicates clearly the short-circuited pedals while in working. The whole circuit will recover to work once the shorted pedal be removed. Vp1 applies to different pedals, such as Boss, AMT, Dunlop and Vitoos.
  • 18V/2A, 36W in total. Together with the Vitoos special circuit to cut the noise, it brings you the enjoyable pure and clear sound.
  • 2/18V outputs, 8/9v outputs, meet the special needs with the power for the players.
  • ROHS material: ABS + PC, light and thin, portable and strong, is adapt to -30℃ - 100℃. (NO damage at any angle for the 150cm height Drop Test).
  • Streamline design, occlusive shell and solid screw combine a perfect Vp1.
  • Customized DC jacks, sustain life: 50,000 Times Pull and Plug.
  • Red foglight LED indicates shorted pedals, blue highlight indicates the power. The LED sustain life: 100,000 hours


  • 18V DC input.
  • 2 / 18V DC outputs, each one can be up to 1 A output.
  • 8 / 9V outputs, each one can be up to 150 ma output.


  • Vitoos customized 18V/2A power adapter, suppling with a wide range of international wall E.U., U.K., U.S. and Aus. Plug.
  • 10pcs / 60cm long, 20# copper DC cables, conducting the current fast, smoothly and quietly.
  • Strong Paper box package with Low carbon. Fresh design brings you simplicity and generosity.

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