Vitoos VLP-8 Programmable 8x Loop




VLP8 is a programmable and storable looper. Previously, when we used the single stomp box, which were all connected one by one and the effect was chosen by stamping the button. So the operation will be complicated with the increase of the Effects, especially during the performance, the fluency and fairsoundling music may be greatly changed just because of stamping the wrong effect or impromptly switching. So the design of VLP8 comes up to remedy the shortages. While in using the VLP8, just choose the tone groups which were edited previously, the previous edition will be stored even the power is shut down. With the maximum storage of 32 groups tone, the design of TRUE Bypass guarantees the smooth transfer of the signal, it avoids the effect interference caused by other electronic switch. Meanwhile, VLP8 also has super switch speed and excellent low switch noise (which is inevitable in TRUE BYPASS).


The operations are quite simple, just as the schematic diagram of VLP8 faceplate.

  1. Usages:
    • Connecting the pedals to the L1-L8 of the VLP8, connecting “SEND” to “INPUT” of the effects, “RETURN” to “OUTPUT” of the effects.
    • Connecting Guitar with the “INPUT” of VLP8.
    • OUTPUT VLP8 to the Amplifier.
    • Turn the VLP8 on, as well as all the Effects Pedals.
    • The VLP8 mode is “BYPASS” while it is turned on, the LEDs are flickering to indicate the status. Adjust the BANK+/- and AB(CD) to choose the tone you want.
    • Switching the tone of the bank by pressing anyone of ABCD, continuously pressing anyone of ABCD, BYPASS will be switched or turned on.
    • Pressing BANK+ or BANK- to switch the BANK Storage, VLP8 has 1-88 selected BANK storage in total.
  2. Grouping of VLP8:
    • Pressing Edit button, the letter “E” will be displayed, which shows the VLP8 is on editing mode.
    • Pressing Edit, turning on/off the effects by operating the button of ABCD. With the coorperation of BANK-, when stamped, the letter “H” or “L” will be seen. “H” indicates that the button ABCD controls the Effects which connected to L5-L8; “L” indicates that the button ABCD controls the Effects which connected to L1-L4. The stamping of ABCD will turn on or off the corresponding Effects.
    • After setting the Effects which you need, press “STORE”, the setting will be stored.

Dimensions: 44*8.2*5.5(cm) (L*W*H) (including the height of the button)

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